Going Well

Things are going at Tesla. Working on a lot of things that can't be mentioned, though I will say that I'm learning a lot about certain tools.

In my freetime and at work I'm learning a lot about how Ansible and Jenkins can work together to automate tons of stuff. Also learning on my own how I can use Ansible in Vultr's cloud to configure and rollout factorio instances that are pre-setup. I've heard of a tool called Terraform while I'm in Silicon Valley so I'll definitely look into that quite a bit as well.

As things stand, the homelab has been left back in the midwest. Unplugged and only half-configured, I think it will have to wait until I return home from this co-op. Once I'm back I will definitely begin using GitLab or BitBucket and throw a ton of repos on there that I can tinker with and host on my own systems.

Hope all is going well out there in the rest of the world!