T400 LB update and Pixelbook Ubuntu idea

Why hello there again!

Some small updates. I’ll eventually post more about the T400 project, as well as link some source and other places I’ve been posting about it. Currently struggling with getting Libreboot to play nicely with an 8GB RAM upgrade, but I’ll likely be running MX Linux on it with NVIDIA drivers to get the Advanced Dock 2503 properly working with some of the cards we have sitting around at work.

Something else I saw recently was that someone got Ubuntu properly working on a Google Pixelbook with some additions from the ChromeOS kernel and some custom scripts to get the backlight keys etc working well. That’d be interesting to try as a daily driver for work, since mostly everyone in our office currently uses Macbooks. As long as I can access a terminal and a web browser, I’d be fine at work…without Google selling my data.

Another thing I saw recently is that Google may be adding support for ePrivacy screens to chromebooks.

That’s all for now! Will report back when I have more to say about the state of the Librebooted T400 and if I ever get the G Suite management off the ASUS C201.

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Learning How To Libreboot The C201

Hello there again!

Recently I’ve been working on two projects; working on Librebooting a T400 and W500, as well as Librebooting a spare ASUS C201 Chromebook.

Also working on learning C when I get some free time recently, after reinstalling Arch on my T440p. Fedora Silverblue is really cool and incredibly stable! However, for tinkering more, the ostree system kind of compartmentalizes things using the Toolbox and various other commands. For native installs of applications, I’d need a non-ostree OS again.

I’ve actually not installed Arch from scratch in about two years now, so it will likely be an interesting experience again. Regarding Librebooting the C201, it seems that the device that I got for cheap is stuck under management and won’t allow booting into Developer Mode, so I may actually have to use my CH341A chip to flash it externally. I’ll be looking into the Libreboot documentation for this.

Below is an image of where I removed the write-protect screw on the C201, for a thumbnail.


Once I get either Debian ARM or Parabola installed on the C201, I can start tinkering more with looking into how ARM architecture works. I need to learn C more too! There’s no point in knowing tons about libre software if I can’t modify the code :)

Some other things I’ve seen recently:

Mo Distros, Mo NVIDIA Problems

Today I tried out MX Linux on the Gigabyte Aero15Xv8. More info on that here. Didn't work out too well and I ended up crashing and burning, only to install Pop!_OS over that again. Sadness. I won’t give up though…
This is why we need a full-AMD gaming laptop on the market, for the Linux faithful.

Also began more work on learning the ins and outs of Alpine Linux. I went to a hackerspace recently called Noisebridge in SF. I used to frequent the place quite often last year, but now is my first time heading there since returning to the land of tech. Learned a bit more that there was a version of Alpine with Xen already preinstalled and we tried it out on an i3 board in the hackerspace, only to realize that it still uses a ridiculously low amount of resources. May or may not have an update on where that project goes this upcoming Friday, when I head there with a friend. It seems my adventures with it in the cloud are finished for now- see the PROGRESS tab under the Projects dropdown at top of site- but I might try it on a Raspberry Pi 4 in the future! As for my build regarding the Asrock Deskmini A300 board and chassis, I'll probably be running Fedora Server on that guy with various flatpaks, as well as retroarch.

Up next, I libreboot a Macbook from 2006….once I get a proper medium to boot Debian from, since it won’t take any of my USB3.0/3.1 flash drives.

I’m getting back to work on my LARBS-in-the-cloud project as well as slowly saving up to order the parts for my little Nextcloud/gaming AMD box soon too. Will probably end up making a full on blog post about the LARBS thing when I finally get it working on the nanode. I don’t think that customized Arch install will ever be as light as Alpine though… Till then, guten nacht!

I made a Hackintosh! (Thinkpad T440s)


When looking around for machines I could use for projects at work, I found a little T440s with an old HGST drive in it. With Windows 8.1 currently installed, I felt something shinier could give this machine a new lease on life.

After following a great guide made by my buddy Wolfgang, I got MacOS Mojave running natively on the hardware! Thankfully his guide made the process quite easy, though the T440s doesn’t entirely need the graphics injector after install. My T440p I have Fedora Silverblue on could likely pull this off as well, though it would seem a bit unwieldy to my coworkers that are used to the thinness of Dell’s 7390s and Apple’s new Macbook Airs (2019).

The goal of this was just to see if it could be done, and it is! There are some modifications I could make to make the whole thing a smoother experience, what with brightness controls and all, but the gist of this is that it is possible to run Apple’s OS on far superior hardware!

Also, some things I’ve been reading recently:

Come back next time for some news on my LARBS-in-the-cloud project and other upcoming things!


Rebuilt T440p and other updates :)

I finally rebuilt one of the T440ps I won in an auction! See more over here. Also added a link to the main page of my site.

In other news, I’ve been trying out Fedora Silverblue and really enjoy having a desktop GNU/Linux operating system that has fantastic rollback/update functionality and great minimal standards behind a familiar GNOME interface. I feel I may need to start picking up more automation skills as I begin the job search anew, and I’m certain this along with learning CoreOS/K8S is going to help immensely.

Things I’ve seen on the web over the past month or so: