Senior Design Begins


And off to the races we go!

I've just returned to the college campus for what I believe will be the final time in my life. Learning more at Tesla and at the North American Open Source Summit, I've returned a bit refreshed with more life experience.

Amidst all these experiences, I gained a valuable skill. I've learned to zoom out and see the entire picture. Whether you're a "cog in the wheel" or higher up at any job, if you can see the larger picture as to how you influence the entire business machine that is your company, you'll succeed in life. Definitely looking forward to future opportunities I have to see such machines gain momentum as I begin talking to some startup founders in the future and further networking outside of schoolwork and Senior Design.

Senior Design is the "final stretch" so to speak, for kids at my college. I've been in college since 2012 and I'll be more than thankful when this hellish landscape of outdated classes, hit or miss professors and insane bills is over. My group's project involves miniaturizing and simplifying the "sandbox" environment we use at college to learn systems administration basics. I'll definitely be open sourcing my code over on my Github (link on website) so stay tuned for that! Off to the races!