T400 LB update and Pixelbook Ubuntu idea

Why hello there again!

Some small updates. I’ll eventually post more about the T400 project, as well as link some source and other places I’ve been posting about it. Currently struggling with getting Libreboot to play nicely with an 8GB RAM upgrade, but I’ll likely be running MX Linux on it with NVIDIA drivers to get the Advanced Dock 2503 properly working with some of the cards we have sitting around at work.

Something else I saw recently was that someone got Ubuntu properly working on a Google Pixelbook with some additions from the ChromeOS kernel and some custom scripts to get the backlight keys etc working well. That’d be interesting to try as a daily driver for work, since mostly everyone in our office currently uses Macbooks. As long as I can access a terminal and a web browser, I’d be fine at work…without Google selling my data.

Another thing I saw recently is that Google may be adding support for ePrivacy screens to chromebooks.

That’s all for now! Will report back when I have more to say about the state of the Librebooted T400 and if I ever get the G Suite management off the ASUS C201.

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