Back to School!

It's that time of year again! Back to school at University of Cincinnati. Thus far in my college career, I've been at three universities. Butler University in Indianapolis was overpriced and decided to get rid of my major, then Eastern Michigan was great for two years...however later on, they had a reshuffling of management and teachers in the college of Cybersecurity and my graduation date was murky.

After heading to the University of Cincinnati, I basically restarted my entire college experience. Not accepting most of my core classes from Butler nor EMU, I had to retake Java and many other basic classes. To me, this seemed more like a money grab than anything, but what college in the USA isn't? I started at UC in 2016 and it seems that I'll be on the "seven year plan" to being finished in 2019, starting college in 2012.

Here's to hoping this semester of catching up goes swimmingly! I do enjoy the social aspects of college, and learn more talking to teachers in after-hours than I do in classes. Here we go!