The Road To A New Life

A lot has changed in the past few weeks. A lot has developed.

I went from doubting as to whether I’ll ever leave the midwest for the “land of opportunity” in tech, known as the West Coast.

I did it. I secured a starter job out there. I will be in Ohio no longer. The dead-end startups, the hopeless college students, those who are trapped here by debt.

I will leave.

I’ll be living in the Bay Area starting as of June 3rd onward. I don’t know yet where I will go in this new direction, but I know for sure that I intend on eventually moving up to the state of Washington, where I’ll eventually secure a legitimate place to live etc.

Baby steps first, baby steps.

A New Chapter

While still working- rushing- to get my homelab remotely accessible in time before I fly out to San Francisco to intern at Tesla Motors, I'm struggling with balancing hanging out with friends, playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and working on this homelab. So many friends and family want to say hello before I leave for five months.


Sorry for the few updates, I just haven't found time to update this site in a while. The holidays are quite busy. Looking forward to seeing what this new job, albeit temporary, on the West Coast brings. I've needed a break like this for a while. The slow, bureaucracy-filled norm that I'm used to with companies I've worked for in the Midwest will likely have no place out at Tesla if I'm hearing correctly. Here's my chance to work somewhere great and bring back a different mentality to the Midwest.

Happy holidays everyone and I'll see you in the new year! 

The Beginning

This wasn't my first time in the tech space. I've worked on many previous projects, though the future holds endless possibilities.

 From administering SCCM and Active Directory at General Cable to learning how to make a nested VSphere environment at the University of Cincinnati, I've done many different things thus far in life. Now, it seems that the creation of this website will facilitate the posting of my tech adventures in a more public medium. Come join me on my journey!