Further Projects - Update!



More parts that I need for projects coming in during these future weeks. I'll be reviving the servers and finally racking them using a cheap rack that  I found for the VPS Instances project, as well as setting up a Raspberry Pi 3 with a SENSE HAT to monitor the temp/dampness of the basement room the server rack will be in so as to monitor environmental variables that could hurt them.

For the Pi 3 with SENSE I'll likely either look into Parrot IoT, Ubuntu with Snaps or Raspian- regardless of what I use, it'll be command-line based.

I also recently got a Pi Zero W from someone; might look into some legal pentesting I can do with that in an Altoids tin. That'd be cool and definitely help my college fix their rampant wireless issues.

After racking my servers, because I can't sleep with them whirring next to me, I'll likely begin my foray into the unRAID space for the R710 to become a storage center and begin throwing ProxMox back on the HP dl380 so I can more effectively manage the vms....just no idea yet what I'll be doing for a frontend to the VPS Instances I'll sell or lend out to friends...with time I guess I'll learn!