Progress on The Lakka Box

Now that yet another college semester has arrived, I find myself yet again with a flexible schedule and yet more coursework than ever before. Good thing I have my personal projects continuing to motivate me forward! I've always felt that college should be to teach you instead of loading you down with unnecessary work. Nonetheless, that rant is for a different time.

Recently, I've made more progress on that Lakka Box project I started a while ago. My goal is to finish a project a week until I can finally get to rack-mounting my servers that have been lying dormant, thereby allowing me to make a lot more headway on the Scraper and VPS Instances projects. I've been toying with ideas for hypervisors for the VPS Instances project, but I heavily doubt my front-end I'd be presenting to my friends and family would look as good as DO's or Vultr's.  

You can see my Lakka Box progress here...