Learning How To Libreboot The C201

Hello there again!

Recently I’ve been working on two projects; working on Librebooting a T400 and W500, as well as Librebooting a spare ASUS C201 Chromebook.

Also working on learning C when I get some free time recently, after reinstalling Arch on my T440p. Fedora Silverblue is really cool and incredibly stable! However, for tinkering more, the ostree system kind of compartmentalizes things using the Toolbox and various other commands. For native installs of applications, I’d need a non-ostree OS again.

I’ve actually not installed Arch from scratch in about two years now, so it will likely be an interesting experience again. Regarding Librebooting the C201, it seems that the device that I got for cheap is stuck under management and won’t allow booting into Developer Mode, so I may actually have to use my CH341A chip to flash it externally. I’ll be looking into the Libreboot documentation for this.

Below is an image of where I removed the write-protect screw on the C201, for a thumbnail.


Once I get either Debian ARM or Parabola installed on the C201, I can start tinkering more with looking into how ARM architecture works. I need to learn C more too! There’s no point in knowing tons about libre software if I can’t modify the code :)

Some other things I’ve seen recently: