I made a Hackintosh! (Thinkpad T440s)


When looking around for machines I could use for projects at work, I found a little T440s with an old HGST drive in it. With Windows 8.1 currently installed, I felt something shinier could give this machine a new lease on life.

After following a great guide made by my buddy Wolfgang, I got MacOS Mojave running natively on the hardware! Thankfully his guide made the process quite easy, though the T440s doesn’t entirely need the graphics injector after install. My T440p I have Fedora Silverblue on could likely pull this off as well, though it would seem a bit unwieldy to my coworkers that are used to the thinness of Dell’s 7390s and Apple’s new Macbook Airs (2019).

The goal of this was just to see if it could be done, and it is! There are some modifications I could make to make the whole thing a smoother experience, what with brightness controls and all, but the gist of this is that it is possible to run Apple’s OS on far superior hardware!

Also, some things I’ve been reading recently:

Come back next time for some news on my LARBS-in-the-cloud project and other upcoming things!


Upcoming projects (quick update)

Hello again! Just a quick update here, since I likely will have a large gap between now and reporting upon my next projects.

  • I recently won some auctions and will be unlocking the BIOS on a T440p as well as upgrading the parts

    • The Thinkpad T440p will serve as an interim for my Thinkpad A485 until the Star Labs Lite MkII arrives, as both will be far more stable than that machine

  • I will be looking into Librebooting an old Macbook soon as well as getting some help with wiring for Corebooting the Thinkpad X230

  • My LARBS-in-the-Cloud project is on hold as I figure out some VNC server issues with my Linode VPS

  • Might be downsizing in the future and selling a few of my project computers as well as my gaming laptop, then switching to Linux OEMs/Resellers’ products, for better hardware support in the future. Still on the fence with this one.

More Procrastination + Star Labs


As I procrastinate personal projects by throwing random Linux distros on anything I can get my hands on, I realize there’s really no use in installing operating systems, only to never use the devices again.

In the above pic, I threw GalliumOS on an Acer C720P chromebook, am working on getting Luke Smith’s LARBS scripts working on a nanode on Linode, and have updated my Aero15Xv8’s Pop!_OS install. May sell the Aero sometime next year as I go for something from System76 for portable gaming.

The only hardware updates I have is that now I have the cheapo C720p for note-taking and will be owning a Star Labs Lite MKII later this month when they get shipped out. I haven’t done any corebooting of the X230, though I am in the process of spinning up another Factorio server on Linode. Perhaps I’ll post on github when the slightly-modified LARBS files get turned into a StackScript for Linode.

Fairly certain the Star Labs Star Lite MK2 is going to replace my Thinkpad A485 as my non-work daily driver, since the A485 is having quite a few stability issues now, what with daily freezes and all. Will be doing more cloud-based stuff in the future, so hardware won’t be as much of a concern anymore.